Historically, only 35% of start-up and early-stage companies qualify for alternative financing methods. Over 85% of our clients gain access to funding with our program.

We represent a multi-million dollar proprietary technology platform developed by a 14 year old FinTech Industry leader.

Our platform offers a unique solution for start-up and early-stage companies to obtain essential funding to grow. Our team of expert financial and business strategists will work with your clients one-one-one to guide them to funding success!

Here is how it works!

We have successfully partnered with CPA’s and Accountant’s like you. Why? You know your clients, their needs and they trust your advice. Most of our CPA and Accountant partners have been looking for ways to generate additional revenue streams for their business. Also to find a ways differentiate their service offering for their business clients. Does this sound interested?

Here’s how it works:

1. When you sign up(it’s free) as Referral Partner.

2. We provide you a link. You share the link with your business clients.

3. The cost of the solution for your clients ranges from $2,950 to $4,950.

4. We interact directly with your clients and introduce the program to them.

5. When your client signs up. You receive a referral fee of $295 to $495.

6. If would like to earn more money and be more involved with the sign up process. There is different level of partnership and it pays a commission range from $1,180 to $1,980 per contract.

Are you ready to start or do you have questions? Please reach out to us at 800 704-5037. Looking forward to hearing from you!